Bz lemas dlm mood raya. Open House sana-sini. Dlm pd kesibukan melanda, ader sesuatu yang amat bermakna berjaya dihasil. Yes, definitely my new product system as details; System: Canoe Championship Start:Sunday, September 30, 2007, 10:42:37 AM End:Saturday, November 9,2007, 7.45PM Duration: 40 Days This is the 1st personal project. Request from Brother in law. Hopefully, i will be pay at least few thousands for this application. At early stage, it looks like needs simple calculation and pretty much easier. Yes true but the representations is quite complicated for me. The critical part is getting item for BEHIND field. It takes few days almost a week i live with buzy neuron thinking days and night. Thanx to ANGAH to help me to clear out the requirement specification of this tournament system. And also to show me the way for the good ideas about the disqualified player to be determind. It quite difficult to sorted out the result because so many stage to be checked but finally it works. Really worth it. Now, im waiting for making the present to Abg Zi. Hopefully, its perfect!

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