Weaning off challeges (for 2nd baby)

The first experience of weaning is very easy. No drama at all. However, the second time experience is different. It is a bit difficult but just take a two-day period of drama.More difficult because it takes myself gather strength. I'm not sure whether the bonding factor influencing the feeding period. Target or planning from the start this time I wanted to complete the feeding period for 2 years.

So, I started asking friends that experiencing feeding both babies at the same time and find as much information regarding breastfeeding during pregnancy. Some doctors of alternative medicine (homeopathy) not encouraging. However, after I read the article Dr.Zabidi, I decided to continue breastfeeding as planned. This is because breast-feeding should be discontinued during pregnant is based on certain factors such as miscarriage or unborn baby was not growing well. My 1st misscarriaged was not related to this situation. Once confident with the terms should stop breast-feeding is not related to me, so I make bold ear to meet the needs of both children until enough period. Not because never tried but it must happen slowly.Each time I attended baby ultrasound scan process on schedule, I have to make sure the baby weight estimation is based on developmentally appropriate. When Tsaqiif almost 2 years old, my third pregnancy has reached 6 months. I know Tsaqiif was not ready to stop.

A variety of methods that people use for this purpose but I prefer natural ingredients that are not harmful to the baby if included in the mouth. So, I use either olive oil or virgin coconut oil.I also reduce bonding with T. Walid took over to give more attention to him and have to provide the needs of including milk there while sleeping at night. Whenever awake for nursing, Walid will wake up brew.The first time to try weaning off, success is only for 2 days. This is because T chose to tantrum if mommy reluctant to feed him. Thus, efforts have failed. I tried again as gestational age of the fetus has entered a period of maturity. So, the new edition of milk should be produce for new comer in family.

This entry was written up, the success of weaning reached within a week, and T has reached the age of 2 years and 2 months. He was not asked again. Each time he want milk, he will specify want milk in a bottle.
Alhamdulillah.Hopefully Abang Tsaqiif successful weaning off and hopefully his younger brother was born in good health ..Amiin .. 
The next challenge is to stop diapers..Still in training gradually. Each day training was conducted for half a day without a diaper.
And me and baby...reaching 36weeks!

Rebah/Jatuh semasa mengandung


Good bye 2016 and Assalamualaikum 2017.
We wish only good things will come to us in this new year.
Time now shows 1.30am but the kids are still awake.  
 Mommy is not willing to let them both without supervision so had to be awake while writing this blog. If they did not mind, then this blog entry will be written.
 Today is Saturday. The boys quite a variety of temperament to be treated.This two-day mommy's mood was pretty swing.

My 3rd pregnancy was nearly 35 weeks.

First, Tsaqiif go to the bathroom to wash urine.Mommy follow from behind.Then, brother also went into the same bathroom to pee.After that mommy went into the next bathroom for a while.At the same time of mommy disappearance,
brother began to spray water and wet the floor and mommy did not notice the slippery floor conditions. Then, T cry because angry with his brother.

 He began to ask for support. Mommy continue to support him and suddenly fell on my left knee supporting weight of the my heavy belly. 
 MasyaAllah. My knee was so hurts.

Remembering the story of Mak Da - Walid's aunt who fell during the six months of pregnancy.Even she fell slightly and not hurt. 2 days later, she had a bad feeling then went to check up but God has already taken the baby.

Said the doctor, if you come to the hospital immediately after the fall, maybe your daughter can still be saved. 3 months later, Mak Da was pregnant again and now just waiting for the time of delivery. I think she was in 39 weeks now.
 Hubby was on his way back asking me either I want to go to clinic for check up or not. I decided to monitor the baby movement tonight and let see whats going on tomorrow.

Learn from the Mak Da's case, suddenly I feel like not to delay to wait for tomorrow. 
So, tonight I went to private clinic to check the condition of baby. 
In addition, I want to make sure gender of this unborn baby because it was easier for me to do preparations.
  Thank God the situation was all OK..InsyaAllah.
Above all, I pray that perfectly healthy baby will be born soon no matter what the gender is.
So, you all either pregnant or not should be more careful because there is danger everywhere.
Do not take for granted if it falls during pregnancy because we do not know what was happened inside.

Marathon siapkan proposal master


Malam ni aku buat marathon nak siapkan proposal. Tapi, apakan daya, ada sikit lagi macam dah tak larat nak sudahkan. Masa berbaki 6 hari lagi. Sangat sukar aku nak dapat masa macam ni. Anak-anak tidur awal sekitar jam 9.30 mlm. Jadi, bolehla siapkan mana yang patut. Jika Allah izinkan, aku perlukan beberapa hari lagi yang berkualiti untuk siapkan semuanya.

Database Lab
Akhirnya selesai kerja sampingan kerana student bakal menghadapi final exam. Ya, aku akui terhanyut dengan tugasan2 tersebut. Terfeeling-feeling jadi lecturer bila kuliah demi kuliah kene gantikan timbalan dekan untuk handle kelas. Ingatkan sampai di situ saja, rupanya kene lagi jadi panel penilai untuk mini project diorg. So, sebenarnya aku dah hilang fokus dengan tugasan aku untuk further study which is banyak benda lagi aku kene hadam. Oooo Ya Allah, peritnya.
Komitmen untuk keluarga terutamanya anak-anak lebih menduga. Tiap petang rushing balik rumah ingatkan anak-anak. Just to make sure they are seriously OK.

Sambung writing after few weeks! Dah masuk another chapter - 2017!

2-3 weeks back, anak-anak demam plus naik rashes tapi lepas dan sembuh tu, condition Q agak kurang meyakinkan akibat suhu badan dia turun naik on off. Kejap OK kejap suam. Siang OK, malam suam. Kadang hari ni OK esok suam. Suhu kdg 38.5 dan kurang dari tu. Considered demam ringan. (Patut demam ringan tak perlukan ubat). Dah makan ubat itu ini, tak berapa nak puas hati. Then, beralih ke madu dan minyak zaitun taruk dalam susu botol dia. The result was still the same. Actually, ada kurang sikit tapi not fully recovered. Tengok pola pemakanan dan penyahtinjaan Ok tapi kurang nampak aktif dan nampak letih dan tidur lama. Hati mana yang tidak keruan banyak kali terfikir nak bawa pergi check darah tapi memandangkan Q sangat anti dengan hospital, kami cuba kaedah lain dulu. Alternatif. Tak lama lepas tu, masalah berak tak lawas pulak. A.k.a sembelit. Tapi takde pula drama sakit perut atau menangis. Makan masa 4-5 days jgk nak settlekan masalah berak dia. Akibat penat fikir solution, then aku terfikir untuk gugel pasal kelebihan VCO again and again. Try VCO plk taruk dalam susu botol dia dan juga roti keping yang dia makan. Alhamdulillah. Akhirnya, tamatlah kisah kerisauan tentang demam Q yang on off tu selama lbh kurg 2 weeks kot. Pergi klinik homeopati cek doc kata demam virus kalau suhu naik trn naik trn gitu. So salah satu khasiat VCO ialah menghapuskan bakteria dan virus dalam badan yang menyebabkan penyakit. VCO juga boleh mengatasi masalah usus dan penghadaman. InsyaAllah kita ikhtiar dan Allah Maha Menyembuhkan.


Lepas 2-3 hari amalkan VCO keadaan Q kembali kepada sihat walafiat dan kembali aktif malah semakin kuat makan. Tapi badan still halus and keding.

After so many obstacles, cobaan dugaan tekanan bagai akhirnya siap juga proposal mak budak ni. Hopefully, tak banyak la kene baiki. Allahuma yasir wala tu'assir. Sebenarnya belum boleh lega betul-betul sebab perlu hadam 2 bahagian algoritma lagi. Which is the toughest part for me. Semoga ada jalan yang agak-agak boleh meringankan bebanan jiwa and otak i ni..huhu