Weaning off challeges (for 2nd baby)

The first experience of weaning is very easy. No drama at all. However, the second time experience is different. It is a bit difficult but just take a two-day period of drama.More difficult because it takes myself gather strength. I'm not sure whether the bonding factor influencing the feeding period. Target or planning from the start this time I wanted to complete the feeding period for 2 years.

So, I started asking friends that experiencing feeding both babies at the same time and find as much information regarding breastfeeding during pregnancy. Some doctors of alternative medicine (homeopathy) not encouraging. However, after I read the article Dr.Zabidi, I decided to continue breastfeeding as planned. This is because breast-feeding should be discontinued during pregnant is based on certain factors such as miscarriage or unborn baby was not growing well. My 1st misscarriaged was not related to this situation. Once confident with the terms should stop breast-feeding is not related to me, so I make bold ear to meet the needs of both children until enough period. Not because never tried but it must happen slowly.Each time I attended baby ultrasound scan process on schedule, I have to make sure the baby weight estimation is based on developmentally appropriate. When Tsaqiif almost 2 years old, my third pregnancy has reached 6 months. I know Tsaqiif was not ready to stop.

A variety of methods that people use for this purpose but I prefer natural ingredients that are not harmful to the baby if included in the mouth. So, I use either olive oil or virgin coconut oil.I also reduce bonding with T. Walid took over to give more attention to him and have to provide the needs of including milk there while sleeping at night. Whenever awake for nursing, Walid will wake up brew.The first time to try weaning off, success is only for 2 days. This is because T chose to tantrum if mommy reluctant to feed him. Thus, efforts have failed. I tried again as gestational age of the fetus has entered a period of maturity. So, the new edition of milk should be produce for new comer in family.

This entry was written up, the success of weaning reached within a week, and T has reached the age of 2 years and 2 months. He was not asked again. Each time he want milk, he will specify want milk in a bottle.
Alhamdulillah.Hopefully Abang Tsaqiif successful weaning off and hopefully his younger brother was born in good health ..Amiin .. 
The next challenge is to stop diapers..Still in training gradually. Each day training was conducted for half a day without a diaper.
And me and baby...reaching 36weeks!

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