RHB Cash Back Personal Accident Plan

Lately memikirkan masa depan lebih jauh. Of course la about financial planning. Mana-mana expenses yang mengarut harus disekat. Asyik duk fikir psl bende alah ni. Ikutkan hati yg kedekut malas betul nk sangkut dengan mn2 plan bank and whatsoever. Tp, when thinking bout risk..owh..

Dealing with kemungkinan is a complicated things. Who knows what will happen next? Duit yang dilaburkan adakah berbaloi atau free2 jer sedekah kat bank2? Harus fikir dalam2.

2008, memandangkan aku blm lg ambik ape2 cover tuk diri sendiri/fmly, main on je la. Duk fikir ape lah sangat Rm62 tiap2 bln, utk kecemasan jgk. Part yg kne geget2 serangga pon blh claim, itu yg I tersangkut. 

Semalam berkhalwat blk utk baca aggreement cashback plan ni. Takkan nak stop rsa mcm dh lama je labur. Rupa2nya lg 4 bln cukupla 3 thn. Dan akan dpt pulangan 25% as per noticed below. 25% mmg tidak banyak mn utk 1st 3 yr, cuma lbh krg $5++. (Bolehla buat beli carpet idaman hati).  Tapi duit tetap duit. Jika dlm biznes, even 5sen mesti berkira.

Dengan hati yg kedekut, masih berfikir, apakah kerugian yg akan kutanggung jika mahu bertukar plan yg lbh kedekut? plan 1/2..

Protection and Savings Plan! “Cash Back Personal Accident” is an unconventional policy that is designed to provide you with PROTECTION! against any mishap due to accident. What’s more! The policy also provides you with SAVINGS where you will be entitled to a refund of  25% of premium paid for every 3 years during the period of insurance provided that no claims are made to your policy.

In a nutshell, the policy covers the following benefits and sum insured :-

More reasons to enroll!
  • 25% total Premium Refund for every 3 consecutive years (provided NO claims admitted to RHB Insurance Berhad) 
  • No medical examination required 
  • 24 hours protection and worldwide coverage 
  • Benefits payable on top of your other insurance policies (except medical expenses which is on reimbursement basis) 
  • Entry age from 18 up to 65 years old and renewable up to 70 years old 
  • Extended Benefits
    • Riot Strike Civil Commotion
    • Motorcycling
    • Disappearance – after 1 year where body of Insured could not be recovered; ie: plane-crash)
    • *Insect, Snake And / Or Animal Bites – Including diseases (ie: Dengue Fever, Malaria)
    • Accidental Gas Inhalation, Drowning, Food Poisoning And Intoxication
    • Accidental Suffocation Through Smoke and Fumes
    • Exposure to Elements
    • Hunting
  • Medical expenses including sinseh treatment, ambulance fee up to a maximum of RM1000 per accident/ per disability, medical report fee, clinical treatment, physiotherapy, general nursing in the hospital. The details are specified in the policy contract. 
  • Dengue Fever also be covered under medical expenses & hospital cash income (with the extended benefit * Insect, Snake And/ Or Animal Bites- including diseases). For INSECT BITE, it subjects to 30 days waiting period from the date of policy inception.

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