Life goes on

Since the Putty Keygen generates the key was so slow..i manage to jot down some words..Recently i felt so tougher and tougher to live like this here..wat is this mean? and where is here i talked about?nothing much just about work and career. last night even yesterday and before, even my heart n feelings is in uneasy condition, some though came up. Dah reti sedikit utk tdk melayan perasaan karut and all those discomfort feelings. Mayb hiding inside is much much better. I have few more minutes writing while waiting the putty done the job.

Even i felt stressed thinking how could i deliver tougher jobs, i know i have to do that by whatever method. InsyaAllah tdk akan ader penolakan tugas.(gara2 membaca panduan kerja) Bcoz it shouldn't be happened at all. Just aim the reward end of this year and next2. Even nothing superb i can give to bosses n company at least i used the right path. Following the champion. I think I should stop here. Bye(ucapan x leh blah mcm la ader org yg baca blog nih, kui2).

Notakaki: Tidak sabar utk menghabiskan sesuatu yang baru saya mulakan. Mengharapkan hanya yang terbaik dihasilkan dan disudahkan.

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