31st not yet...memanglah. Belum March pun lagi

After a couple of weeks preparing the system demo version with all those kinda challenging, finally the day has come. We departed @ about 9.45am and arrived @ about 1.30pm. The state is just beside ours but we lost the route. I tot this is not the 1st time of me n hubby haha. Ghupe2nye our collegue aka driver aka tuan punya peugot pon x kenal jln maa. Last time he has been in Kuantan during his childhood. Hua3..at about standard 5. See see, we follow the route based on guidance from google maps. LOL!

After the looong presentation(estimated 1/2 hours but it last to 2hours!*), we went for makan2 ptg.
* The IT boss was stuck in traffic jam because there was le tour d langkawi bicycle race.

I got chance to know boss's wife when boss treated us the bestest nasi lemak @ Tanjung Lumpur, Kuantan.

Before we leave to our hubby's in car, we've chit chatting.

She asked me my age.

Me: "30!".

No! No. That isn't purposed answer.

Me: "Eh! 31." Ha kan..blh plak luper umor terbaru ni.

On the way back to hometown, I did tell my husband about our conversation. You know what was my husband respond?

=== "Umur sekarang kita dah kena ader anak".

OK. I got that.


p/s: Again we lost the route on the way back to hometown. Seriuosly didnt fond the way out of KTN. Yaks! Ha2. Do assume we r not truly malaysian.

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