Rainy day @Monsoon Cup surrounding

This evening, me n my dear hubby was @monsoon cup event spot, Pulau Duyong. As i remember, last time i was stepped foot here(i mean where the yearly event was held) is @Taman Syahbandar. With 2kids(Ariff and Fazana), we were looked around finding something interesting. For us, nothing special(sorry for irma hasmi & tam, its not bcoz of u ols) and at last we were killing the time diagnosed our healthy level @Herbalife booth after buying new cordless home phone @TM booth. Unfortunately, i am not happy with the result of analysis. As per my expected, my actual weight is 68.+ kg. Ha2. The best weight for me fit with my 'not height' is just 47kg. Oh oh.. Do i need herbalife in my life...? Yes i really wanna catch this. But i need to force myself to drink Cleopatra Powder frequently since the expiry date is around the corner. Soon or later, i will catch this product since they give guarantee fat loosing in a month. (Discipline come first.)
Herbalife basic product: RM168

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