change url

hye to whom it mayb concern/
i waz a bout to change my url/
but there waz some problem cannot be proper display after doing that/
so,im still with this lame blog url/
minahwan is totally out of my life now/
what is minahwan stand for?/
few things about my desire n activities,hobbies,idols n many more/
nah! a word with more subjects yaw/
will looks for the changing/

today is friday/
i really love friday as always/
its beautiful day/
after 2 sessions of cooking, i fall asleep/
long sleep/
cooking is easy meh/
my cooking style was always easier/
as long as the outcome will make my DH kiss my head, alhamdulillah la kan/
actually oh-malujugaktotellthat-.....this is my first time making rendang ayam!/
pempuan haper ni dah tua2 baru buat rendang/
dah 31X raya maaaa/
eleh, dis masakan not only for raya when we can get the ketupat nasi everyday from pasar near house/
love to eat self-making(perasan mcm sdp sgt je kunun) and families cooking/
dah susah nak dptkan sisters' rendang, kene lah buat sensiri semuanya lalalala/

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