What to do on 1st May 2012

1st May. 2nd entry. ;B Musim menulis. Tetiba rajin update blog. ;) few days ago, hubby had asked me where to go, wat todo on 1st may.
Me: Duk umah je lar..ha3. Do not know where to go. Kalu dah namanya duk umah, kerja yang pasti adalah cooking-eating-sleeping-surfing-facebooking-youtubing-tontoning and the list will be repeated.
Following list is all about eating.
  1. jusmee by DH. for dinner 30 april (will post special entry for this, mayb 3rd entry for today? ahaks!kalu rajin.)
  2. breakfast @6.30am yaw! - chef DH(mimpi ape dia msk kul 6pg)
  3. lunch 1st may - chef me
  4. will see. now 1.40pm.
Short. baru entry masak2. Belum masuk entry cuci2 aka bersih. Biaq pi muntah dengar that word.

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