Fabiayyiaalaa..irobbikumaa tukazzibaan..
This is confession.
Allah gave me not only one(pregnant) but also acne problem seems gone at all after i struggled for ages. I started notice my acne didn't pop up since I applied habatussauda oil mix with extra virgin olive oil for about a week suggested by my brother #1. At the same time I started used Shaklee Nutriwhite Facial Foam (review here). Rotate with Avon Refined White Facial Foam.


Always in my mind if my acne doesn't go away, I will get treatment at Klinik Pakar Kulit Menon, where the same clinic my mom went recently and with Allah permission, the gatal disease was healed!

During the time I suffered by the never ending story of acne, my hubby always said; This problem will resolve when I give birth. But Allah gave earlier when they gone as I got pregnant few months.


I made doa and I wish if one day my face skin was clear, I don't want to put bedak tebal2, I just want to have the thinnest layer of make up, but most of the time, I want to lawa with widhu'. Sometime, I want to wear BLUSHER! oh miss it!

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