24 01 2014

2014 punya anni date jatuh hari Jumaat.
Asalnya nak pose berdua jer. Motif? Nak jaga hati readers mungkin.
Tapi kesian Q gelisah and nak join.
Family 1st kan?
Beday adik yg ke 11 bulan 17.1
Join kek

Credit to Mimie & my sista #2 baking this super delicious brownies cheese cake.

Dengan izin Allah jua,
We have been together this far.
Far? No lah.
This is just the 1st phase.
And we survived in a half of decade.

Awal tahun there was too many special dates to remember and celebrates.
Combine skali boleh tak?

See? Berderetan.
I feel like to push my head when I realize the 1st date doesn't appear in my head at first.
But the 2nd one does.
I'm so sorry to soul mate.
He just laugh.
Yes because I did think too much on the very 1st birthday of our sweetheart little boy.

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