15.10.06 Depressed

Even the reality was hard to feel, but i still cannot waste my tears just becoz of you. for me, its sounds stupid. dirimu blm cukup kuat utk meruntuhkan perasaan ku.aku lbh kuat utk berhadapan dgn kekecewaan apatah lg aku x blh menunjukkan kelemahan dan kesedihan di hadapan ibu tersayang. Alhamdulillah..keje yang bersusun tlh dtg..mengisi ruang fikiran dan masa lapangku. Namun, ini dugaan jugak bcoz of i have to decide what is the priority. how to be a good time manager in our own life. Time for being a good muslimah..and time for show how deep is my effort in my job. Thats why, till now im still confused how to apply "Work harder as you will stay alive in thousand years, and do ibadah as you will die tomorrow". You guys, always make me sad. i accept this as my challenged or dugaan from Allah SWT. you came into my life with bright colors but finally left me all dark!

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