A man called B.A.K.S.H

Walau aym di rebang bising bango (mende masaaloh x tahu lah kalu tuang ye sdiri x g jenguk)..bunda pun duk blebe skarung psl anok nattu..masuk kut tlinga kanan, tubuk lecoh kut tlinga kanan smula..data x dang proses pon..baik punya filter of gegendang. Ye la..duk ngadap skrin wak ke system ni..sambil2 jeling anugerah skrin..

A guy called Baksh..

baksh SA: hai

Mari doh si dia..

i.d.a: hye bajsh

baksh SA: busy ???

i.d.a: baksh

i.d.a: nope..

Kabo slalu wak napper..ho la..nk mtk tlg..ngeh3!

i.d.a: actually, im surfing about GIS

i.d.a: ni idea bout that

baksh SA: got some time to talk to me

baksh SA: GIS means geographical information system

baksh SA: is that you are talking about right

i.d.a: yes2..

baksh SA: you looking very cute in the photo

Eh! Yeke..ahaks..kembang kempis la hidungku..

i.d.a: you appear at the rite time..thank God

baksh SA: what you want to do with GIS

baksh SA: do you want any help from me

i.d.a: yes

i.d.a: actually..i still blur bout that

i.d.a: dont know how to use for my system

i.d.a: and what about the price of the system using GIS

baksh SA: what do you want to do with GIS

i.d.a: i need to point to a house and view the owner profile/information

baksh SA: sounds like a good tech implementation

baksh SA: is this what you are currently working on

i.d.a: yes

i.d.a: im collecting information bout that

baksh SA: did u cchanged your job

baksh SA: previously you are working as a network admin

i.d.a: now im back as a programmer

i.d.a: nope

i.d.a: previosly im working as a Data Engineer

i.d.a: but i do the same thing

baksh SA: oh great

i.d.a: so, i decide not completing my CCNP

baksh SA: you are staying in KL right

i.d.a: nope

baksh SA: i am planning to come to malaysia for a vacation in feb

Ah sudoh..ni mesti nk ajk juppe..

baksh SA: will i be able to meet you ???

Ha! Kata doh..

i.d.a: im not sure but i'll try the best to meet you

baksh SA: how far is your place from KL

baksh SA: i am going to lankawi

baksh SA: i will be there for 5 days at a max

i.d.a: about 7 hours

i.d.a: lonely trip?

baksh SA: umm

baksh SA: guess ???

baksh SA: such a long guess ????

i.d.a: what?

baksh SA: i am coming for my honeymoon

i.d.a: wow...cool

i.d.a: r u married?

baksh SA: going to get married

i.d.a: tell me bout your fiancé

baksh SA: she is working as a application programmer

baksh SA: in the same company

baksh SA: which i am working

i.d.a: her age?

baksh SA: but in a different place

baksh SA: she is 4 years younger than me

baksh SA: i wanted to marry a girl who is in my same profession

baksh SA: thats why i waited for long time

i.d.a: ic

baksh SA: you know something

baksh SA: i wanted to marry a person exactly like you

Hah??? Bia bona..

i.d.a: wow

i.d.a: exactly?

i.d.a: in which aspect?

baksh SA: yup

baksh SA: i wanted to marry a girl who knows the value of her carrier

baksh SA: who struggled a lot before getting settled

baksh SA: then only they would have known the value of carrier and money

i.d.a: i struglled a lot but i didnt get more money..like you

baksh SA: you know 1 thing

baksh SA: money is secondary in life (yer la tuu..)

baksh SA: we should focus on carrier first

i.d.a: im just thankful with my salary

i.d.a: you know?

i.d.a: i told my previous boss

i.d.a: that for me salary is down to no.2

i.d.a: no.1 is the satisfaction of my job

i.d.a: i love my task

i.d.a: thats why he still hope that i will return to his company

i.d.a: hehe

baksh SA: exactly

baksh SA: i know something abt you

baksh SA: you know the value of the carrier

baksh SA: value of money

baksh SA: and most important time

baksh SA: and by now you should have been much more matured in your life as well

baksh SA: is my inference correct ????

i.d.a: hmm..yes (ye sgt la tu..ngeh3!)

i.d.a: absolutely rite

baksh SA: you know

baksh SA: i valued your friendship a lot

i.d.a: me too

i.d.a: thanx for being my fren

i.d.a: my teacher

baksh SA: mm

baksh SA: you know

baksh SA: if i where to get a girl like you

baksh SA: i would have got settled in malaysia itself


baksh SA: i know you are not interesting in marring indians (kalo SRK..ok gak aper..)

i.d.a: deeply

i.d.a: im so sorry

baksh SA: i tell u 1 thing

baksh SA: all muslims are brother in this world

i.d.a: i know

baksh SA: in this case, why we should not marry people from other countries

i.d.a: im sorry

baksh SA: ok no issues

baksh SA: i do not want to press u for reasons

baksh SA: tell u 1 thing specifically

baksh SA: if you where to say yes, i would have married you

i.d.a: sorry..

baksh SA: i want our friendship to continue

i.d.a: InsyaAllah, no problem

baksh SA: i have great respect for you (ish..bangga tuuu)

i.d.a: why

baksh SA: good question

baksh SA: your friendship with me managed to come this long

baksh SA: i got lot of friends

baksh SA: but most of them are not reachable now

baksh SA: you are the person who spend some time and talk with me

i.d.a: how many frens of yours are malaysian?

baksh SA: previously i had around 10

baksh SA: now its only 2 i have

baksh SA: one is my class met

baksh SA: who is working in malaysia

baksh SA: and the next is you

baksh SA: he is working in cyberjaya

i.d.a: ic

i.d.a: so.. (melalut punye la jauh..aku nk tau psl GIS jek nih..uhuk)

i.d.a: what about GIS?

i.d.a: i need to read a lot

baksh SA: ok you came back

baksh SA: i need to think

baksh SA: i will get you some real good help by monday

baksh SA: is that ok

i.d.a: okay..thanx a lot

baksh SA: thanks a lot to you also

i.d.a: okay

i.d.a: get to go sleep

baksh SA: good night then

baksh SA: jaga diri

i.d.a: wow

i.d.a: ok.terima kasih

baksh SA: sama sama

i.d.a: selamat malam

i.d.a: bye

hmm..hampeh..x tercapai matlamat..argh..kene study sendirik dulu psl G.I.S ni….tu la dia..seorg yg agak power dlm bdg ke-IT-an ni..yg bnyk tlg n bg idea dlm tugasanku..knl dlm ujung 2005.

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