Big Surprised for Maria N Linda

The best moment after long time no see. When everybody starts working with their 1st career, this is the best day to cheer up everyone!! We have arrange a big surprised for them especially Maria and Linda. Conspiracy with Aina was successfully done and the plan was going smoothly but needed few hours waiting for Linda n Awin. Thanx n credit to Aina for ur fully commitment n your hardship to find our tickets! ;p. 2 times almost kantoi with Maria. Ahaks! Really cant forget hows Linda react when see us in front of them. Sungguh besar mulutnya ternganga. I Like it! Mata MAria I tutup kasi dia happening n pening saper la nak wat naya. Best2! Makan2 besar @ Kenny Rogers lg. Yanga parahnya, tetiba je Bday gurl kene belanja. Then, kunun2 nak tgk x cukup masa coz kami nk blk hari.. lastly, lepak2 umah Linda dgn sgt2 seronoknya. Apatah lg dgn kek secret recipe tajaan Aina da best!

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