Bells are ringing..

Am I at the point in life where I keep getting wedding invitations and it seems as though all my friends are getting married one by one? Here this is my wits end thinking which outfit to wear and instead of driving myself up the wall I end up wearing the same thing to most of the functions, if not all? Then my mind goes into playback mode and I realise few years have gone by and I have been a serial dater. I wonder why you didn’t end up with any one of the person I dated. I know what went wrong..somewhere the clock is ticking... 27th March 2007, I prayed for my future in front of surprised birthday cake, frens..I wanna end up my single life with someone within this beautiful year;2007 with my 27th years young! But now, I will never ask; Who sees the small child in me, and Who looks for the divine potential of me, who could see my inside out aura…coz Allah SWT just sent you directly to my heart n soul at the bestest time. I/we went tru engagement ceremony with smooth and proper planning even in 2 rushing weeks. It such a really3 tired momment i guess. To tell the truth, just me n my 2nd sister preparing all of dat!Also dear contributed all the way in surveying materials needed. Thanx a lot! I really appreciated it and u never knew, dat i really need ur support n commitment, n successfully you did! Although I wanna make the hantarans all done by myself, but my sister really wanna look great n sweet with her touch. Somehow, after being veto-d previously, sis has agreed to let me “do” the flower, ribbons setup of hantaran for my engagement. But it designed with my sorted of ideas.Oh, not really, actually the 'ciplak' ideas from websites. ;p im not creative enuf in arts & design. Dear's frens was impressed enuf with my looks. Marvelous!, said dear. Great for Pak Teh's skill. Also my nephew, Angah n brother Awang with their courtesy of the such a great n nice photos. I was a lil bored over the weekend and weekdays night. So, day by day, i do some 'research' n now have some list of wedding preparation planning ideas.

After sitting down for the budget “discussion” of the wedding, getting married on the tentative date of (still in secret) is far fetch. It is too costly against yours truly current earnings. Why must the celebration of spending the rest of your life with the one u love be too costly?

Im beginning to hate weddings. This aint good.

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